Who IS This Guy?

jrsHusband, father of two, astronomer, Scout leader, kayaker, year-round camper, hiker, runner, mentor, student, teacher, ponderer, MBA grad, reader, writer, socializer, volunteer, and ESTJ on every Myers-Briggs I’ve ever taken.

I like being uncomfortable.

I enjoy being challenged.

I contain multitudes.

Sponauer.com started off as a way to showcase some freelance writing that I was doing in the late 1990’s. There never really was any plan to have a site that contained much more than that. However, as the years have gone by, and the hobbies come, gone and returned, I recently realized that I needed a good place to call home online. I’m sorry that you are but a mere innocent victim to have visited.

In short, the description you see above really sums me up.

As does “I Contain Multitudes,” for the older I get, the more of them I see, and the more comfort I take in them.

Thanks for visiting.

– John