As much as writing is my heart and soul, you can often tell a better emotional story through video. I have been honored, particularly in my current role and in the past at UConn, to be involved in several video projects that I am especially proud of.

I don’t claim ownership, because I was merely part of great teams.

But I do claim a sense of pride in what we created.

UConn Basketball: Greatness is not an Accident
To build support for the new privately funded Basketball Champions Center, I was on the team that helped to conceptualize this amazing video.

This is UConn Basketball
It was overshadowed by the “Greatness” video, to a degree, but this follow-up production was created as the opening tease for the Basketball Champions Center microsite. A great video (IMHO), which I had a larger hand in framing and writing.

The Gift Fairy
“A student video” in that UConn students from the Digital Media program filmed and produced it, but this homegrown project was conceptualized, approved, revised and partially written by a small team I helped to lead. With effective segmentation, our messaging announcing this video went viral.

At UConn, Dreams Come True
30,000 Reasons to Participate
Making Memories at UConn
This series of videos does a great job of explaining how every donor tells a story through giving, and every student at UConn is impacted by private giving.

The 2012 Barton and Nayden Challenge
A fun way to show how an alumni match can dramatically enhance student giving at UConn.